How to Set Up A Google Analytics Account

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    Setting Up a NEW Google Analytics Account


    Type in the URL field, “”  

    Brings up Page, “Welcome to Google Analytics”

    (If it looks like this, it means you’re starting from scratch)

    Sign in if you need to;

    At the upper Right on the screen, you can click on the four dots, you will see all of the Products that are included in the Google Marketing Platform;

    Click on the blue “Start Measuring” button;

    Now you see the ANALYTICS Screen – Begin “Account Setup”

    If you see the Page, “Google Analytics Home”, that means you already have a Google Analytics Account;

    From here, Click on the “ADMIN” button

    Click on blue “CREATE ACCOUNT” button;

    Enter in an ACCOUNT NAME 


    Notice the “Account Data Sharing Settings” Section;

    Determine which ones you want to SELECT

    You can have them all Checked as a Default

    You will next notice a section entitled, “Property Setup”

    (Google Analytics 4 allows you to put both WEB and APP Data into the same Property)

    Enter a PROPERTY NAME (based on what you want to put in there)

    As an example, you could put in “Web Data”

    Set TIME ZONE for what you want your Reporting Time to be in

    Enter the appropriate CURRENCY

    Click on the NEXT button

    You will be prompted to enter information about YOUR BUSINESS 

    (Select the fields that best describe your business;)

    Click on the blue CREATE button


    Read “Terms of Service” and Click ACCEPT

    You will then be taken to a page entitled, “Set up a DATA STREAM to start collecting data”

    NOTE:  You can send Data from an iOS App, an Android App, or a Website into this Property

    We will focus on the WEB


    Enter the website address in the “Website URL” field

    Enter the Web Stream in “STREAM NAME” field

    “ENHANCED MEASUREMENT” – Allows you to automatically measure certain types of interactions on the page

    You can measure Scrolls, Outbound Clicks, Site Search, Video Engagement, File Downloads (Recommend that you leave this on)

    Click the blue CREATE STREAM button – and this will populate DATA


    You will be looking at the SUMMARY Page


    You will notice that the ENHANCED MEASUREMENT was turned on; 


    You will see in the middle of the page, “Tagging Instructions” – which allow you to “Tag Up Your Pages”


    You have successfully created a Google Analytics 4 Account

    How to Get the Tracking Code to the Developer

    1. –  Open  
    2. –  Go to the ADMIN area by clicking on the cogwheel at the bottom left.  
    3. –  Select the correct account in the ACCOUNT column. …  
    4. –  In the Property column, click Tracking Info > Tracking Code
        Go to ADMIN Section (which has a gear symbol next to it), then go to Section entitled, PROPERTY (which is usually the second column to the right), See Section entitled, TRACKING INFO (it has two carrots next to it), < >, Then go Down to Section entitled,  TRACKING CODE; You will get a Tracking ID (which is usually listed as a UA and a number), COPY and PASTE the TRACKING ID, Be a Section entitled, WEBSITE TRACKING (It will say Global site tag), See a CODE that has the Carrot, and it will start with a carrot and it will end with a carrot. You will COPY that Script; It will start after the carrot and then an exclamation symbol; 
    5. –  Copy the code you find in the Website Tracking field. 
    6.  – You can now insert this code and send it to  [email protected]  and we will put it into your website. 
    7.  We will put it into the HTML of your website. 

    Add Users to Your Google Analytics Account

    LOG-IN to Your Google Analytics Account           

    Click on HOME (For Left Menu) of your Google Account

    In the MENU, find the ADMIN Option (Far Left Menu at the bottom of the Page)

    (You will need Full ADMIN Access yourself)

    You will see 3 Different Columns:  Your ACCOUNT Column; PROPERTY Column; GENERAL Column; 

    (PROPERTY is your Website – and you can choose which Website you want to reference)

    (If you have a Master Account, then you will have multiple Properties within one account, If you are a business, you may have one account, but you might have multiple websites;  So you can choose which website to work with within that account)

    You will be Adding a USER to your Master Account, the Column on the Far Left;

    (This person will have access to any Properties or websites that you have within that Main Account)

    To Add a USER, you click on ACCOUNT USER MANAGEMENT; 

    (Notice that there is an option in each column which allows you to control how much access somebody has to your account; If you want them to access only one of your websites, then you work with the PROPERTY Column)

    (You are adding a USER to your Full Account so the user has full control;)

    This opens a Page entitled, “Account Permissions”

    Click the + Icon and Highlight “Add Users”

    This opens a Page entitled, “Add Permissions”

    (You will need an Email Address for an Active Google Account that you want to give Permission to)

    Select the Email Address

    Leave Unchecked – “Notify New Users by Email” so this user is not inundated with notifications;


    Under PERMISSIONS, you can control exactly what you want to do; 

    In order to give USER Full Access, check all four boxes:  “Read & Analyze” “Edit” “Collaborate” and “Manage Users” 

    (The USER can take complete control of your account)


    Click Blue BOTTON “Add” 

    Now you have added this USER to your Google Analytics Account with Full Permissions;

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