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    Available Options to build your chatbot.

    This article will help you understand the available options that you can use to create your chatbot.
    Our drag and drop bot builder lets you build complex bots without breaking a sweat, chat live with your customers, book meetings and send lead data straight to your inbox or CRM.
    To build complex user flows we have a number of different options you can use to build simple lead collection bots to advanced complex bots that can for example pull external data from a google sheet like product pricing. Continue reading below to find out all the options that are available to you.


    You can store data from your customers conversation in variables that can be inserted into any of the messages, questions, or power-ups in your chatbot flow. Below is the list of all your available variables.

    • @name
    • @first_name
    • @email
    • @company
    • @phone
    • @gdpr


    Messages are a combination of elements such as a message, video, image, etc that allows you to display a message to your customer. Generally a message would be displayed in response to an answered question.

    1. Message
    2. A message is a simple response you can put anywhere in your bot to convey a message to your customer.

    3. Video
    4. Embed a YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia link into your chat bot.

    5. Image
    6. Upload an image or link to an animated GIF on Giphy.

    7. Link to Content
    8. Insert a link to external content

    9. Call Us
    10. Add a phone number with a button that will automatically call when clicked


    Questions are used to get a response from your customer ranging from multiple choice to open entry questions.

    1. Multiple Choice
    2. Ask a question and provide a series of possible responses.

    3. Open Quesitons
    4. Ask a question and let the user type out any response.

    5. Appointment
    6. Connect to a Google calendar and let your users schedule meetings with you.

    7. Email
    8. Ask the user for their email. This will force them to enter a valid email address.

    9. Name
    10. Ask the user for their name.

    11. Phone
    12. Ask the user for their phone number. This will force them to enter a phone number.

    13. Company
    14. Ask the user for their company name.

    15. Date
    16. Add a calendar dropdown to ask the user to select a date.

    17. File Upload
    18. Need to collect a file from your user? Use the file upload and let your user upload any file they want.

    19. GDPR
    20. Ask the user to accept your terms and conditions

    21. Drop Down
    22. Ask any question and allow the user to select their response from a dropdown

    Power Ups

    Power Ups are advanced features that allow you to extend the functionality of your chat bot.

    1. Conditional Logic
    2. Conditional logic allows you to create rules for your customers to meet. These rules can be used to direct customers down different, more relevant parts of your bot’s conversation.

    3. Restart Chat
    4. At any time throughout your flow give the user the option to restart the chat.

    5. Tag Lead
    6. Add a tag that can be used when exporting a lead to your CRM

    7. Google Sheets
    8. Setup a google sheet and pull information from it such as pricing.

    9. Team Notifications
    10. Send an alert to your team when the user reaches any point in your chat bot.

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